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Yongnuo YN622 N II-TTL Wirelass Flash Trigger Transceiver

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Yongnuo YN622 N II-TTL Wirelass Flash Trigger Transceiver


Yongnuo YN622N Mark II Triggers for Nikon. An update to the world’s most popular choice for multiple flashes photography. YN622N II triggers now come with quick release lever locking hotshoes, and most importantly USB ports for firmware updates, as well as an easily selectable 560-RX mode, and slightly more flush mounted buttons. YN622 triggers support TTL, HSS, manual, multi modes, Flash Exposure Compensation, Flash Exposure Bracketing, modeling Flash, I-TTL group ratios and much more… Paired with YN622N-TX master controller they have all the same functions as much more expensive Phottix Odin, Pixel King or Pocket Wizards. I have never heard of someone who is not impressed by Yongnuo YN-622N II triggers.


Yongnuo YN622N II triggers support Full TTL Pass-through function when on camera – 1) Mount one YN-622N II transceiver into the hot shoe of camera, and mount other transceiver into the hot shoe of flash, you can trigger the flash at any direction in TTL, Manual or Multi mode. 2) Mount flash on hot shoe of YN-622N II transceiver already placed on camera, mount the second flash on other transceiver, both of flashes can be triggered at any direction in TTL, Manual or Multi mode.
Shutter Sync – The max. sync speed is 1/8000s, but some cameras support only up to 1/4000s, and for those cameras and flashes which don’t suport HSS, the sync. speed will be just 1/250s or less. Different cameras have different Sync speed. This depends on camera, and it is not a limitation of YN622N II triggers.
YN622N II triggers support 1st and 2nd curtain sync

Remote Control Function –

The parameter of flashes mounted on hot shoes of receivers can be set up remotely through the camera menu. You can find external speedlite menu in cameras options. There you will change all parameters of remote speedlites

Support mixed mode –

With this function, you can trigger remote speedlites in different modes; set up one YN-622N mark 2 transceiver on hot shoe of flash in TTL mode, set up the second YN-622N II transceiver on hot shoe of flash in manual mode, and the third YN-622N II transceiver on hot shoe of flash in multi mode, all three flashes can be fired via the transceiver mounted on hot shoe of camera. This mode is especially useful for some older camera bodies without a built-in flash menu. ( you need to set the parameters on speedlites )Note: Only FEC, FEB, Ratio and Shutter sync can be set in the camera side. Manual and Multi output need to be set on the flash speedlite.
YN622N II triggers work with Strobe Studio flash light in HSS function – You can buy a PC Sync Cable LS-PC635 cable to connect the transceiver with the studio flash strobe, and then you can use the non-high speed sync flash to achieve higher synchronization and then you can use them together in HSS. The max. trigger voltage is less than 300 Voltage.

Note: The PC port is for output use only.

Awakening function – When half-pressing the shutter button of the camera, the hot shoe flash mounted on the receiver will be awakened. ( for those flashes which support wake up function).
Zoom Function – Zoom Automatic: zoom length will be changed depending on the changes of the lens setting.
Zoom Manual: Zoom length can be set within 24 – 105mm range
Zoom Lock

Support Single -contact of camera and flash triggering – You can use YN622N trigger with Canon camera or Canon flash, but you have to set YN-622N in manual mode (the max. Sync. speed is 1/250s in this case).
Flash Fire Ratios with ETTL – You can set up different flash fire ratios and FEC for those flashs on hot shoe of receivers
YN622N II triggers use 2x AA batteries, (1.2v rechargeable battery or Alkaline), Stand-by time is 60 hours.
Dimension: 89.5 * 53 * 39mm, net weight is 78g.

Compatible cameras :

Nikon D4, D3X, D3S, D3, D2X, D800E, D800, D810, D750, D700, D610, D600, D300S, D300, D200, D7000, D7100, D7200, D90, D80, D5200, D5100, D5300,D5000, D3300, D3200, D3100, D3000, D60, D40X, D40 and any other newer Nikon DSLR camera

Compatible flashes :

Nikon: SB400, SB600, SB700, SB800, SB900, SB910,
Yongnuo: YN465N, YN467N, YN468N(II), YN560II, YN560III, YN565N, YN568N,
Other flash brands are also compatible: Nissin, Metz…

2 x Yongnuo YN-622N II transceivers for Nikon
1 x Instruction in English and Chinese
1 x Original Yongnuo Box

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