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Visico VC 818TX E TTL transmitter for Canon & Visico 5

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Visico VC 818TX E TTL transmitter for Canon & Visico 5


The VC-818 TX / E-TTL Wireless Radio Frequency Visor (RF) transmitter is designed to operate on the Canon E-TTL system and its applications on EOS cameras in conjunction with the VISICO 5 flash, being compatible in all their functions and programs.

In addition, this Transmitter can be used with your Canon camera, with a VISICO VC-818 RX Receiver (optional) that connects to Canon Speedlite units and other brands of Flash Speedlites that have the E-TTL standard. It is also possible to synchronize with Studio Flash teams of different brands.

The VC-818TX / E-TTL is the perfect tool with a multi-function independent control that is easy to use and highly efficient. It allows you to expand the limits of your creativity by synchronizing shots up to 1/8000 sec. surprising, either on location or in Studio.


  • Compatibility: Canon cameras, EOS TTL / E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash system. 
  • EOS TTL / E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash, Manual, Strobe, Multi Flash 360º
  • Display: Liquidcrystal(green background)
  • Direct connection: Universal
  • shoe Frequency: 2.4GHz. 
  • Channels: 4
  • Radio ID: 1-30
  • Groups: Each channel controls up to 3 independent or simultaneous slave flash groups (ABC)
  • Transmission distance: 100m (approx). 
  • Exposure Compensation Control (FEC): ± 3 stop in increments of 1/3
  • Exposure Blocking (FEL): Yes
  • Maximum Synchronization Speed: Up to 1/8000 sec. / Supports HSS function
  • Multiple Synchronization: Front and Rear Curtain 
  • Manual Flash / Remote Output Power Control: 1/1 to 1/128 (1/3 EV increments) / Total ± 5 EV 
  • Stroboscopic Flash / Remote Output Power Control: Up to 20 Flash / Up a 30 Hz Frequency 
  • AF Beam Emitter: Yes (for low light conditions) 
  • High Speed ​​Bursts: Yes 
  • Auto Save: Yes / Automatically saves parameters 
  • PC Input: For shots via cable 
  • Firmware upgrade: Yes / via port USB 
  • Direct connection: Universal metal shoe with locking ring 
  • Cable connection: 3.5 mm to PC 
  • Test: 
  • On / Off trigger button : Manual on / off
  • Battery: 2 AA batteries AA alkaline batteries 1.5V or 2 AA rechargeable batteries NiMh 1.5V 
  • Battery charge indicator: Yes / bar signal, on the digital display 
  • Size: 90x56x40 mm 
  • Weight: 105 gr

Operation Manual: Included

Studio Flash Compatibility VISICO: Flash with Radio Frequency (RF) receiver system integrated into the unit / LED Series 100T / 150T, VCHHLR, VC HS, VCHLR, VE Plus, VL Plus, VISICO 4, VISICO 5

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