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Visico Reflector DIFFUSER FOR RF 700

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Visico Reflector DIFFUSER FOR RF 700


The Visico RF-700 Beauty Dish is a silver and black umbrella reflector and is used mainly in beauty, health, cosmetic photography and is essential in portrait photography. It provides direct light in the center and gives a softer light on the edges of an image
Product features:

    Get a direct light effect in the center and soft light at the edges.
    The reflector is used mainly to photograph beauty, cosmetic and health scenarios.
    Ideal for portrait photography.
    Easy and quick to assemble.

Using this Visico RF-405 beauty dish you can get fully professional lighting in all your photos. Simply place quickly and comfortably in front of your focus or external flash mount and point directly on the subject you wish to photograph.

Beauty dishes are fundamentally big metal bowls, they have got a hole cut inside the back for the strobe to project through. The internal reflector inside is one of the most essential sections of the beauty dish, it obstructs all direct light from your subject, and so you will find no hard shadows like when using a speed-light. It deflects all inbound light in the direction of the outside of the dish, making sure that the only light striking the subject is reflected.

Using this beauty dish you can easily manage the light and improve the effect and the quantity of contrast in your photographs. If your goal is to get the perfect light in every scenario this may very well be your best partner on a large number of occasions. The Visico RF-700 Beauty Dish boasts fully professional results.


Model:                                                                                                                    RF-405/550/700

Size:                                                                                                                       16”&405mm/22”&550mm/28”&700mm

Outside Grey Rubber Paint, Inner Silver Surface:                                          Yes / Yes / Yes

Outside Grey Rubber Paint, Inner White Surface:                                          Yes / Yes / Yes

Outside Black Paint, Inner Silver Surface:                                                        Yes / Yes / Yes

Outside Black Paint, Inner White Surface:                                                        Yes / Yes / Yes

Diffuser:                                                                                                                          Yes / Yes / Yes

6*6mm Honeycomb:                                                                                             Yes / Yes / Yes

4*4mm Honeycomb:                                                                                             Yes / No / No

Barndoor:                                                                                                                 Yes / No / No

Adapter:                                                                                                                    fixed VISICO adapter

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