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VISICO LED-150T Professional LED Studio Light

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Rs. 21,999

VISICO LED-150T Professional LED Studio Light


High brightness and low heat
Continious non-flickering lighting
Adjustable output power (digital readout)
Colour emperature is 5500K (Daylight)
High efficiency output power (CRI > 93)
Fan cooled metal housing
Long service life (50 000 hours under stable current and voltage)
Built in receiver to remotely adjust output power with optional VC-801TX transmitter
Compatible with Visico light shapers
Ideal for Children’s photography, Studio and Video

The VISICO LED LIGHT-150T has an instant start that makes it immediately usable. It has a Solid-state light source which is moisture proof and shock resistant. The anti-shake light enables it to give the best performance and a long service life. The LED light does no emanate any harmful radiation.

The LED light is compatible with professional beauty dish, softbox etc. It gives a standard color temperature with excellent color rendering which is integrated with 2.4GHz radio receiver. It also is compatible with remote controller to adjust the brightness. The LED gives a quiet stable performance with extraordinary results and is widely used when shooting portrait, children photography, live action video, mircofilm video.

Very powerfuil light, equivalent to about 1500W in incandescent lighting

The LED 150T is light weight and small size.
It is very bright and affordable (equivalent brightness to over 1500W in tungsten lighting).
Includes Cloth Difuser
A clear LED display shows the output of the lamp.

Photographers may use it for both video and photography shoots. Connected to Visico CR-3200 1000W Power Pack

It may also be used for outdoor photography, location shooting, wedding shooting.

The LED 150T use Bowens mount, so can fited with reflectors, softboxes, snoots, grids, barndoors and so on, to create various lighting effects.

The LED 150T power can also be remotely controlled by the VC-801TX remote control.


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