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VL300 PLUS Softbox/ umbrella kit

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VL300 PLUS Softbox/ umbrella kit


This study Visico VL-300 Kit provides essential lighting in every professional photography studio or for those who want to learn studio photography. This Visico kit is ideal for professionals or for beginners in studio photography.

Product features :

A very complete study kit to get started in studio photography or to complement a professional studio.

The Visico VL-300 Kit is already being used in professional studies proving very successful. Get the perfect light for your portraits.

Take the kit where you want to make your sessions: on the street, on the beach, your imagination will have no limits.

The Visico Studio Kit VL-300 Soft Box includes two high-performance and powerful Visico VL-300 Flashes. The flash has a guide number of 73 and includes a reflector to provide a smoother, more even illumination. With VL-300 flashes get professional results and it enables you to expand your creative possibilities. Visico Flashs can be used with or without a trigger, the trigger is compatible with all mini jack cable outputs, but can also act in response to the light released by a flash shoe or flash built into any body of an SLR camera.

The Visico Sofbox SB-030 is coupled to a studio flash to transform the harsh light emitted by the flash in to soft, diffused light, to produce a more natural look to your photos. The softbox is a lighting method used by professionals to allow greater control in directional lighting. The softbox is attached to the studio flash and a reflective inner softens and distributes light equally over the subject.


Contents of delivery :

  • Studio flash VL-300 (300J): 2 pcs.
  • Standard reflector with a hole for the umbrella: 1 pc.
  • Stand LS-8005 with air damper: 2 pcs.
  • Softbox SB-030 50x70cm: 1 pc.
  • White clearing umbrella UB-001 diameter 80cm: 1 pc.
  • Carrying case KB-F Kit bag.

Specifications Visico VL-300 Plus Studio flash :

  • Digital control.
  • Bayonet Bowens.
  • Pilot Light Constant: 75W
  • Leading number: 65.
  • Charging time: 0,6-2,0s.
  • Pulse width: 1 / 800s-1 / 1200s.
  • Flash lamp power: 300J.
  • Depth of pulse power adjustment Digital adjustment (step-by-step) LED DISPLAY: 1 / 1-1 / 32s.
  • Synchronization: built-in light trap / sync cable / VC-801TX / VC-816TX
  • Color temperature: 5500K ± 200k.
  • Case: plastic
  • Weight: 1.0 kg

    Package content:

  • VL 300 Softbox/Umbrella kit
  • 2 x VL300PLUS Flash head + 1 reflector
  • 2 x LS-8005 Air cushion Light stand
  • 1 x UB-001 Translucent umbrella 80cm
  • 1 x SB-030 soft box 50*70cm
  • 1 x KB-F Kit Bag


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