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Genuine DJI Phantom 2 Vision Part No : 7

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Rs. 1,000
Genuine DJI Phantom 2 Vision Part No : 7


ESC (version 2.1) for DJI Phantom 2 or Vision / Vision+ Quadcopters
This ESC is used in the DJI Phantom 2 V2, Phantom 2 Vision and the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopters. Replacing this component will require some soldering work.

This kit comes with one ESC
Quadcopter maintenance using the ESC (version 2.1)
Crash damage to the motor may have also lead to the ESC being compromised, so it is good practice to have spare components for testing purposes.
The LEDs in each of the arms of the Phantom quadcopters are integrated as part of the ESC, so should there be damage to the arms which results in the LEDs ceasing to function the ESC will need to be replaced.
Unlike other quadcopters the ESCs are interchangeable on each arm; there is no difference between those at the nose or tail of the aircraft.

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Genuine DJI Phantom 2 Vision Part No : 7

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