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Tolifo GK-J-1200AB LED Video Light

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Tolifo GK-J-1200AB LED Video Light


The TOLIFO Premium BI-COLOR LED 1200 Light Panel with Aluminum Casing is a 5600K/3200k full spectrum daylight balanced LED panel light that is great for photography or video. Each have 1190 long-lasting individual LED bulbs.  Each emits 9000 lumens of light at a one meter distance, which is dimmable with a stepless dial located on the back of the light panel. These lightweight panels are great for on location videography or photo shoots. The 1190 LED light panel produces a longer illumination than normal compact fluorescent lights, because each LED bulb produces a 30-degree angle beam, directing the light further forward. Each Bi Color panel includes one soft light filter . The soft light filter is used to soften the light output.

1.1190pcs of premium LED bulbs

2.lifespan more than 50000h

3.wired dimmer control with wire dimmer control

5.barn-doors have the light delievered intensively with wide range and also protect the bulbs

6.can be supplied by sony V-mount battery or AC adapter


Model:-                                         GK-J-1200AB
Output :-                                       36W
Color temperature:-                   5600K/3600K
Light source:-                             45° super bright φ5 LED
CRI:-                                            ≥85
Adjusting range:-                     10%-100%
Working life:-                            50000h
Brightness:-                               0.5M:27000LX   1M:9000LX  2M:2300LX 3M:1000LX
DC supply:-                                DC 12-24V


Package includes:

1 * Connection cable
1 * Remote control
1 *Adpter
1 * Transparent color filter
1 * Barn Door




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